Sunday, August 02, 2009

Singapore Day 2

Fionce @ Robertson Walk
Our hotel stay is located in robertson walk but sadly we don't have much time hanging around there
Chris @ Robertson Walk

Our Breakfast
Before we proceed to raffles's place to meet up fionce cousin sis cely for lunch, we took it @ central basement foodcourt....
Her Plate
Long likes wantan mee but doesnt taste alike...
My Plate
Something different from kl one..added sweet flavour...
Finally bought the custrad bread that kirstyn fail to buy for us yesterday..though is nothing special but it's very soft...

The 1st real shopping that fionce bought was in GG5 @ Central Mall. Actual the clothing design was quite good but she just took one pink top as we need concentrate spending on Janzen clothes rather better lay off others....
Haikkaido Ice-Cream
Hokkaido is well known for its dairy products, particularly the farm-fresh quality of its milk. From this rich, creamy milk, internationally renowned Hokkaido Gelato Ice Cream is produced. The ice cream is made from fragrant and rich Hokkaido milk, with no chemical additives. This is in accordance with Azabu Sabo’s health and wellness philosophy, it incorporate attributes such as low-sugar and low-fat. Hokkaido Ice Cream is especially soft and creamy, and comes in a variety of flavours.
The Green Tea
We knew hokkaido is a nice holiday place but we didn't know that the ice cream famous too after tasting it, the specialty favour, Green Tea Ice Cream. Japanese foods really are good, imagine that ice cream is imported here in Singapore. For only S$4.00++ whether in a cone or cup you'll have a delicious Japanese taste ice-cream. The taste & feel was so good that we make sure that we comeback to get it again the next day before we leave.

Love & Promise Recommend - Haikkaido Ice-Cream

Fionce @ Vivo City
Vivo City is Singapore's largest shopping mall, situated at the HarbourFront, next to the Keppel Harbour.
Chris @ Vivo City

Love & Promise Recommend - Vivo City

The Oshkosh @ Vivo City
After survey all around...this shop mayb the most complete children wear that can be found there...with the liverpool jersey & other janzen clothing..we bought all almost...beside getting 20% off for ur 1st purchase or ur birthday day for joining the jaygee card m, we got a pair of lovely bear gift set...simply wonderful...
Love & Promise Recommend : The Oshkosh
Liverpool Away Jersey "Baby Version"
OMG...when i saw the jersey @ The OSHKOSH shop..without any hesitation, we bought the shirt coz i told fionce though it cost around rm150-190...but it's priceless as it's hardly that u ever come across that we all (Chris+Fionce+Janzen) share the same jersey and this baby version will never appear in malaysia furthermore hardly bein found in singapore. Other thing, who will be so stupid paying buying a baby version jersey new to adult jersey...but i'm the one..hehe. Futhermore, i got extra 20% discount after joing the jaygee card just make the day more meaning full...
Love & Promise Recommend : For People Who Support Liverpool FC
Our Couple's Shirt
Now u c why i i must buy the shirt and i dare to say hardly for anyone to match my feat..hehe...the love and promise gang got the complete version for liverpool away version...simplicity of perfection....

Fionce @ Rooftop sky park
Spanning the area of 4 olympic sized swimming pools, the rooftop water feature in the skypark is an icon within Vivocity...simply amazing...

The Love & Promise @ SkyPark, Vivo City
Actually this photo was taken by a reluctant couple..anyhow they manage to take for us..but still complaining the angle that we took for us....sigh

Chris @ Rooftop sky park
The skypark also contaion an open air Amphitheatre which offer a platform to showcase the local o international artist performing lives...night will be more appopreaite coz afternoon..worry will burn away sitting there..hehe

Open are for fionce to do ballet dancing...

Sentosa under renovation
The Resorts World at Sentosa Island , is under construction and is scheduled to be completed in 2010.

Nearer view to the Star Cruise...

Dian Xiao Ei
We took our lunch here after taking a walk @ skypark..actually attracted by the herbal duck but anyway the food was so so only...
Fionce @ Levi's Signature
We was suprised when we found this shop. At first we thought we didn't want to shop for ourselves but ending up buying a pair of Levi's Signature Jeans for only $99. Deal of the weeks if available in Malaysia. This brand was well establish in taiwan and other area and just reach the shores of singapore. Believe when in will be like mega-sales..but option are limeted though...
An Introduction
The Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ brand was launched in 2003 exclusively for value-conscious consumers. The brand provides these consumers with high-quality, affordable, fashionable jeanswear and casualwear from a company and name they trust.
The Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ brand includes a collection of denim and non-denim pants, shirts, skirts, and jackets for men, women, and children. All Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ apparel is designed with the high-quality construction and craftsmanship that makes Levi Strauss & Co. famous.
Love & Promise Recommend : Levi's Signature
Singapore Holiday @ Day 1
Love & Promise Gang @ Singapore
We are arrived at changi airport around 840 in terminal one. Then we took the sky train to terminal 3 to proceed to the mrt station. Because of the ticket office for tourist pass for mrt/bus was not open yet, we need to travel down to "City Hall" mrt station to but the pass before we proceed to our "Dhoby Ghout" stop...

Fionce In terminal 3
Before we proceed down the mrt station located below...

Fionce In terminal 3
Take 2... Fionce @ Doulas Church
This photo was taken when we are @ clemenceau ave bus stand (400meter away from "Dhoby Ghaut" mrt station) that we need to take a bus (123/64) to reach our stay @ Gallery Hotel

Chris @ Doulas Church
Gallery Hotel is just 3 bus stand away from here...

The Basin
Our washing area nice done with stainless still finishing all over it covering tempered glass basin top with a stainless steel basin...

The Shower
Doesn't look that small but jus finish to shower..though the shower was a bit out dated but the pressure is good to shower...

The Water Closet
Nice one...with a wall hung wc but noticing almost all singapore complex wc is using the wall hung type but something is missing..the hand bidet...

The Liquad
Shower foam of different type available to used but hardly had type to try it out but found the dream bottle shower gel is smells good....

The Bathroom
The outside outlook

The Cabinet Area
Nice design with multiple stack and sliding upper deck board which is something new maybe this is called boutique style...
The Sleeping Area
The pillow colour matching was very nice and the side bed drawer design was just modernise than usual hotel...
The LCD Tv
Dunno wat brand was it...never heard before..

The Pose Of The Roam

Chris @ Alkaff Bridge
Or Singapore's Art Bridge is located 150meter away from our stay @ gallery hotel in Robertson Quay. The steel truss bridge is 55 metres in length and weighs about 230 tonnes. It is shaped like a tongkang (a light boat used commonly in the early days to carry goods along rivers), and is situated near the former "Alkaff Quay"

Fionce @ Colours Of Bridges
The Alkaff Bridge was painted in January 2004 in vibrant colours by Filipino artist Pacita Abad (1946–2004) and a team of rope specialists. The artist and her crew of helpers used 55 different colours and more than 900 litres of industrial-strength paint to transform the bridge into Singapore's first "Bridge of Art".

Fionce @ ION Orchard
The 1st shopping mall that we went is was ION Orchard after stopping at a bus stand behind orchard road, the we across the road n when underground tunnel and leads us lucky enough that it's just being open recently..even kirstyn & rafe haven't been there before..a rival to our Pavilion Mall but the most impress one was the "Louis Vuitton" outlet was double deck and the staircase leading to it was beautifully shape...

Fionce @ ION Orchard
Bought a GUCCI "Flora" perfume coz fionce forgotten to bring any of got to purposely bought one but it's new and smells beautiful...

Love & Promise Recommend - Gucci "Flora"

Fionce @ ION Orchard
The most impressive shopping complex outlook at the mean time in orchard but there's a few more getting a major revamp so making ION Orchard will have competition soon....

Our 1st Meal
We had it at Din Tai Fung (one of the famous chinese restaurant in singapore) @ atrium complex singapore...we wait around 20 minutes then only got guess the food can eat. We took a recommend column of fried rice, minced soap mee , steam chicken but in cold temp (sound weird but it damn nice...forget the proper name of it), Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Dumplings)...with chinese tea...It's nicer than i thought it can....

Love & Promise Recommend - "Din Tai Fung"
Chris @ Takashimaya
Singapore have alot of modded structures for tourist to take pic's...

Chateau De Sable
The 1st shopping spree that we plan to focus for Janzen clothing and this shop no need intro..almost everything is gorgeous for janzen..the clothes will post on the "Special Shoping In Singapore Issue"
Love & Promise Recommend - "Chateau De Sable"
Chateau De Sable
Means sandcastle, the preferred activity of children at play along the beaches of french riviera. The designer behind the Brand was Stephanie Leemarie. It started in 2002 and her hallmark is evident in her design which represent attention of it's detail and uncompromising of dedication to quality where she seek to combine rich creativity french tradition with modern excellence.

Orchard Famous Road Side Ice Cream
It's taste delicious for only 1 dollar sin...fionce took mango and i took blueberry...nothin close to it in malaysia at that price.

Love & Promise Recommend - "This Ice Cream"
(Forgotten to ask what's the name)
Petit Provence
The best custard bread shop in singapore located the central shopping complex according to kirstyn due to the softness in it but sadly was sold out when we reach...

The Menu
Their specialty..this is the custard bread that we mean...

Petit Provence
Their Trademark Logo

Love & Promise @ Renn Thai
Actually when around searching the best suitable dinner place..end up here coz kirstyn want some tom yam so decide to go thai..anyway the food is delicious..
Love & Promise Recommend - "Renn Thai"
Rafe & Kirstyn
Thanks for the day and remember next time you're back in kl, must remember to keep your wallet away...hehe

The Couples
A special thanks to bro rafe & sis kirstyn for their time for us in the first day from bringing us around from marina square to joyride around singapore town area then to clarke quay and buying us for dinner in "Renn Thai"...
- Love & Promise Message -
"Sis Kirstyn take care ya (u know wat i mean)...Ooi Rafe, pay more attention to kirs..must hold her hand all the time you guys, will be back"